- Rated Current Range : ±2 ~ 40[A]
- Frequency Range : 0 ~ 50KHz
Product Features
PCB mountable and suitable for
measuring of low to medium currents.
Can be used in mass production systems.
This is a very high-quality device compared
to other in the same price range.


Pin Connection

Standard 1 Aarrangement

1. VCC[+V]
2. GND[0V]
3. VEE[-V]
4. OUT[V]

Standard 1 Sarrangement

1. VCC[+V]
2. GND[0V]
3. GND[0V]
4. OUT[V]

  When selecting hall current sensor, choose the external and application circuit specifications first before selecting rated current, output voltage (current) and current sensor power supply to obtain understanding on the types of current sensor more easily. For more details, please contact the Technological Sales Division in our head office.
T. (053) 856 - 8561